FAQs • Counseling Charlotte NC

Our therapy approach is holistic, humanistic, and person-focused.

Your first session at Bright View Counseling will be an intake. During an intake we will go through questions ranging from current issues, symptoms, and goals. After your intake your sessions we will start to implement tools and techniques to help you start working towards your goals. We strive to make these sessions interactive and engaging and can include activities such as going for a walk, playing outside, playing games, completing activities, as well as virtual games and activities during virtual sessions.

The length of therapy can vary from client to client. We have seen positive change in some clients within three months, while others may need more time. As we start to see progress we can change the frequency of session to meet your current needs.

Telehealth is new to many people, and it can seem confusing at first. As Michael is a Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider we want to assure you that your virtual visits will be just as engaging and rewarding as your in-person sessions. For your telehealth visit you will meet with a therapist through a secured HIPPA complaint software via webcam and audio. We will go on virtual walks, complete art projects, play games, and even go fishing!  Telehealth is perfect for those that need a more flexible schedule or are unable to come into the office. 

Currently Michael accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, and Cigna. Austin is only accepting self-pay and out of network. Austin is in the process of becoming in network with BCBS. For any other insurances or self-pay, our team can submit your claim for you to most major insurance companies and they will reimburse you depending on your plans benefits. If you have questions about what reimbursement looks like, we recommend you contact your insurance company. 

We offer mental health services to children, adolescents, teens, and adults. We provide individual counseling as well as family counseling. We are currently offering in person and virtual sessions. If we feel that we are not a good fit, we will do our best to provide appropriate referrals.