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Bright View Counseling was founded in 2020 by Michael Clark-Borenstein LCMHC (Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor) with the mission of bringing a better counseling experience to the people of Charlotte, North Carolina.

After struggling through the challenges we all faced in 2020 and continue to face in 2021 due to the global pandemic, therapy and counseling have become something we could all benefit from having more of. If you or your child have been struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, work or life-related stress, behavioral changes, or simply struggling to adjust to the big changes we all faced this past year, you are not alone.

Bright View Counseling is bringing mental wellness to the forefront in the Charlotte area. We are currently offering all sessions as online teletherapy. We continue to provide our clients with the best counseling and therapy possible.

We’re breaking the traditional mold of talk therapy and counseling and bringing a new, brighter idea of what therapy could and should look like with our ‘Therapy With A Twist!’ approach. Our therapy approach is holistic, humanistic, and person-focused. We bring the power of the natural world into the therapeutic process.

We take walks outside, participate in outdoor activities with clients, and integrate activities and games. We also get a helping paw from our office dog, Charlotte, who comes into sessions to provide a furry friend to hug, pet, and receive emotional support from. We’ve adopted all of these practices to continue to work with teletherapy as well. We take virtual walks, have outdoor virtual sessions, and have even participated in virtual fishing!

Our outlook on the client-therapist relationship differs from other counseling services. At Bright View Counseling, we forge a trusting relationship with clients. Therapy can be an intimidating process for new clients. We strive to create a casual, comfortable environment where our clients can feel safe and free to express themselves honestly and openly without fear of judgment.

Meet Michael Clark-Borenstein, Our Founder!

Michael Clark-Borenstein - Charlotte NC Counselors & Therapist

Hey there! I’m Michael.

I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and attended Rutgers University in New Jersey, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Sociology minor.

Growing up, family and friends always came to me for help and found comfort in talking to me about their challenges. I loved helping them and always knew I wanted a career where I would be able to help people and have a positive impact on their lives.

When I was a freshman in college at Rutgers University, I saw Eric LeGrand play football, and during a game, he was paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors thought that he would never be able to breathe independently again, let alone have any movement or feeling in his body. However, LeGrand never let his situation define him. He relearned how to breathe without a ventilator’s assistance and eventually even regained feeling in his body and some movement. Throughout my years in college, I saw the challenges and adversity that he faced. Seeing him still push towards his goals and have such a positive outlook on life helped me realize that I wanted to help people have that same outlook even though they have faced challenges and struggles.

I also spent my time at Rutgers volunteering for a mentoring program at a local high school that would help guide students through high school with the goal of earning a full scholarship to Rutgers University. Seeing the positive impact I could have on these student lives further fueled my passion for helping others.

During my final year at Rutgers, I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Rome, Italy. I developed a love of travel and learning about different people, cultures, and customs. During that time, I traveled to six other countries, where I was immersed in different cultures and traditions, which helped me learn and grow as a person.

After graduating, I moved to Washington, DC, where I attended The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, DC Campus, for my Masters in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. In 2017 my wife and I moved to Charlotte and loved getting to know the city!

In 2020 I started Bright View Counseling in Charlotte, North Carolina, to help those struggling and offer a unique type of therapy and counseling. I wanted to create a practice where I could bring a different twist to the typical therapy approach by involving unique and engaging activities during the session, such as going outdoors for walks and outside sessions, playing games, and doing exercises, including our office dog Charlotte.

Certifications and Training Include

I hope you’ll consider reaching out to us at Bright View Counseling.

I look forward to helping you on your journey towards a brighter tomorrow!

Meet Austin Nedved, LCMHCA, LCASA, NCC

Austin Nedved, LCMHCA, LCASA, NCC

Hey there! I’m Austin.

I grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wingate University and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from North Carolina Central University.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate, and National Certified Counselor, which are a lot of fancy titles to say that I’m a therapist here at Bright View Counseling.

Through my journey working in group homes, volunteering with teens to improve their social skills, and being in the client’s seat in therapy, I’ve learned that therapy isn’t just being told how to reduce your symptoms. It’s about forming a collaborative relationship and emphasizing that the client is the expert of their life. It’s about empowering you to make a positive change in your life and live on your terms.

I believe in a person-centered and holistic approach to therapy, honoring your unique background, beliefs, and strengths. My approach pulls from many evidence-based practices, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, and mindfulness. I do this with the aim of helping you be more effective in regulating your emotions, coping with difficult situations, focusing on the moment, and ultimately living the life that you want for yourself.

I enjoy working with teens and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, stress, life transitions, substance or behavioral addictions, and setting healthy boundaries.

In my spare time I like to play video games, listen to music, read, and laugh at my own jokes…especially the unfunny ones.


Contact me directly at (704) 237-0975.

Certifications and Training Include

Hi, my name is Charlotte!

I work with my owner Michael. Two of my favorite things to do are going to work with Michael and car rides, so when he tells me it’s time to go to work, I get very excited! My favorite part about going to work is getting love and attention all day. Since I know some people don’t like dogs or are allergic to me, I only come in a few days each week.

When I am working, I help comfort everyone that walks into Michael’s office. I can sense when clients are upset and provide love and affection, but I also know when to give you space. I understand that coming to the office can be scary for people, but I hope to make it fun and inviting for everyone who walks in the door.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy long naps, playing with my soccer ball, and chasing squirrels in our yard!

Charlotte - Our Office Dog

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